ONPASSIVE is a leading internet marketing platform that is unique. No doubt, ONPASSIVE is dominating everything on its way. It is a product-driven and solutions delivering service that helps with automated marketing tools to grow a successful online business. The main advantage lies in joining as one of its founders. You can have access to your exclusive founder’s beta website. You will have all the things in one place to track your progress. 


ONPASSIVE will take care of your promotions, automated recruitments, every webinar pages and other activities like email campaigns. The most vital automated asset – AI will take care of your business. Such a fresh idea turned networking platform is as amazing as expected. There is a 100% lifetime refund guarantee so, the time is now. Get started with ONPASSIVE to change your luck forever.


A disruptive business opportunity ensures to change the life of 50,000+ people. It is one of a kind strategy to bring out forsaken dreams to grand reality. This unprecedented journey begins with a membership fee of $97, which makes you one of its founders. With this, you get access to the advertising credits and lucrative marketing automation platform. This will also help you in a revolutionary income opportunity. 


The ONPASSIVE compensation plan acquires a wide range of positions at different levels. Moreover, the passive AI technology is going to help everyone to be rich online. ONPASSIVE works on implementing artificial intelligence in the business. We believe that this is the future and that is where we have to invest ourselves in. ONPASSIVE AI marketing assists in running processes and multifunctional campaigns.

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