The Beginnings

As start-up stories go, ours is no different. It all started with an a-ha moment. The journey started with the obvious question, Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? and from there it grew into what Recruut is today, a thriving community of recruiters working closely together. Our intent is not to challenge the status quo of Job Boards, rather it is to provide an alternative. An alternative that is simple to use, yet way more effective than the traditional sourcing. Because all recruiters know how ineffective those traditional methodologies have become. So come join us and be a part of something new and different, isn’t that all disruptors are supposed to be, and we do like to think we are one.

The Team

It’s pretty common for companies to claim to have a dynamic team. So we aren’t going to be the exception here. What we do believe we have that is exceptional is that we are all recruiters first. That is why we built this platform. Because we know what recruiters need. We come to this not with an outside-in view but quite the opposite. Our team continues to grow but we have not lost our focus on what is core,  Recruut has a unique flat structure in which all functions work closely together to deliver on our promise. This allows direct engagement between our customers and our staff with the skills to design and implement the solutions they need.

The Leaders

Ekta Ahuja, CEO

Ekta Ahuja is an Entrepreneur and Angel Investor with extensive experience as a recruiter herself. She brings that experience to make Recruut what it is, a tool used by thousands of recruiters to be more effective in their jobs. In her role she is responsible for setting the go-to-market and business development strategy. Her prior experience includes being an Executive Producer in Bollywood as well as stints as Head of Talent at leading Technology companies.

Tracy Ashling-Smith, VP- Sales and Marketing

Tracy Ashling-Smith has extensive experience in leading Sales and Marketing initiatives at some of the largest digital and technology companies. She uses her superior people skills to build lasting relationships with Recruut’s target customer base. She collaborates with Recruut’s partners and customers to inform and guide the evolution of the platform. Previous to Recruut, Tracy has worked with companies like Beepi, Jawbone and Raptr.

Simona Kaul, VP- Product Management

Simona Kaul leads Product Management at Recruut. In her role, she has responsibility for the platform development that includes defining the product roadmap and making improvements based on customer feedback. Simona also has responsibility for customer support and to ensure the optimal customer experience. Simona has extensive experience in Product development, having lead Product Development at some of the most exciting start-ups.

Pete Mears, VP- Technology and Development

Pete Mears leads Recruut's Technology and Software Development team. In his role, he is responsible for leading the software development, quality assurance, infrastructure and project management functions. Pete comes to Recruut with years of experience in cloud based application development and architecture planing. He handles the full gamut of technology initiatives at Recruut and is key to Recruut's mission.

Roberto Medinilla, VP- E-Commerce

Roberto Medinilla is responsible for Recruut's E-commerce operations as well as customer support and service. In this role Roberto makes it his mission to provide the best customer experience possible. He is also responsible for the pricing and packaging strategy for Recruut's product offerings and ensures customer engagement by defining the promotions and customer outreach strategy.

Our Customers

 Our customers come from Staffing Agencies, and Company HR teams alike, but all have one thing in common, they are all staffing professionals. We don’t have any “end” customers and we plan to keep it that way.. Working closely with customers allows us a broad view of how the product needs to evolve, when applied in real-world operation across a range of staffing needs and situations.

Partner With Us

Our unique “Recruiters Only”  business model means we are able to keep our circle small. We work with our partners by delivering complementary solutions. We approach each partnership focused on the customer value-add. So if you think your product or service has the potential of being that value-add, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

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