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This is it, our secret sauce. Never seen before C2C jobs, posted by recruiters who need people now. We make the connection, you reap the rewards. 

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Just to prove we are the most comprehensive C2C Jobs Board in all of the land, we scour the internet for the latest and the best and present them here with our posted jobs.* 

* These job while not posted on Recruut, are some of the most exclusive and can only be found here, all in one place. 

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The easiest way to find your candidate without jumping through hoops.

You next candidate is on our industry leading Hotlist waiting  to be found. We collect information like Key Skills, Willingness To Relocate, Work Authorization and more so that you don’t waste any time. Fill your C2c Jobs at warp speed.

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But First, A Little Comparison. Than The Competition

When we started Recruut, we wanted the small business recruiters to have a fair chance of finding the right candidate for C2C Jobs without breaking the bank. Little did we know that just about everyone felt how over priced our competitors are. It’s no wonder that we set our pricing hundreds less than our competitors. In fact our prices ate less than 1% of what others charge. We keep our overheads low to bring you the lowest no-fluff prices so that you can focus on getting the right candidate and not worrying about the bottom line.


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  • Standard Jobs - 4 For $9, $2.25 each. Featured Jobs 2 for $9, $4.50 each. Visit our pricing page for details
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$ 395
Per Job Per Month
  • Source: www.dice.com/products/webstore. 1 Post- $395. 2 - $325 each. 3- $305 each. 5-10- $250 each.


$ 305 Per Job Per Month
  • Source: www.indeed.com/hire/resources/howtohub/how-pricing-works-on-indeed. With a $10 Daily Budget.


$ 249
Per Job Per Month
  • Source: hiring.monster.com/pricing. Single job post - $249. 2 for $449 per month. 5 posts for $999 per month.

And You Get These World Class Features For Free*

Application Manager

Manage everything in one place. Our Application Manager is built to do it all so you don't have to spend thousands on an ATS elsewhere. That's money in your pocket.

Hotlist Manager

The days of the spreadsheets are finally over. Step into the new age with our Hotlist manager, you can manage all your resumes in one place. And submissions are easy too.


Never loose track of a job or a candidate ever. We present easy to use bookmarks next to our jobs and candidates. Click and save. Its that easy, Easy does it.

Job Alerts

Don't have time to log-in every day? Too many emails? Want to be instantly notified of jobs of interest to you. Create an alert and only get it when your criterias are met.

Job Applications

In the true spirit of come and never leave, we provide an easy to use method to send job applications from within the platform itself. Just use the easy to use forms.

*Recruut Job Manager ATS and Hot List Manager require the purchase of a Job Posting or Resume Posting package. Bookmarks, Job Alerts and Job Applications do not require a purchase.

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You got C2C Jobs you needed filled yesterday? well, you can roll the dice, or run after monsters. But if you really want quick, highly targeted results, you need a job portal that specializes, and is not one size fits all. So post a job and get ready to ro Recruut.

Get On The Hotlist

If you are a bench recruiter or a candidate, you know how important it is to get in front of the hiring recruiters. Many a bench recruiters resort to sending Hot List emails that often end up in the spam folder. So get on the Recruut Hotlist and get your candidature noticed. Quickly.

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We know a lot of people are suffering as a result of the budget and job cuts. We would like to help reduce your expenses and stress so we made posting standard jobs and resumes free. 

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