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I’m Michelle from Insoursys and We are looking for a *Senior developer API Connect. *If you are availableor have any consultant you can send the resume at <> or you reach me at 972-440-2125 and if you could refer someone i really appreciate it.
***** Please reply with resume, Rate and contact details ASAP *****
*Job title: *Senior developer API Connect
*Location: * Louisville, KY
*Duration:* 6+ months
_*Job Description: *_
o Understands REST, SOAP, WSDL, API, micro service concepts – basic web service architecture concepts o Can design services that implement #2 high level – the interface, security, etc. o Can do analysis/design for services in IBM API Connect o These service endpoints will talk to SFDC APIs and IIB orchestrations o Can code/test services in IBM API Connect o understands Salesforce APIs – how to call them, how they are secured, and the interfaces/objects exposed in their interfaces

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