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Job Title :- Jira Specialist

Location :- Palo Alto, CA
Duration :- Long term


Job Description :-



1. Reporting

a. We need to urgently develop a workflow to extract YTD CSV data for all tickets including SLA values.


b. New dashboards to report KPI’s to leadership. We need a gadget wizard that can be dedicated to maintaining the quality of our current and new dashboards


2. Patching and upgrades (including security advisories)

a. Scheduled maintenance windows to stay up to date.


b. We are currently running Jira 7.11, we are in the process of upgrading to 8.4.x


c. Jira 8.x.x may address the export limitation we currently have (no SLA data in CSV)


3. Mail handling & automation

a. We host multiple mailboxes for Jira Service Desk to help triage requests and act as automation endpoints


b. Configure Jira Enterprise Mail Handler

                                                               i.      A few sources for notification send multiple tickets on the same topic but they don’t’ include the Jira Ticket # so a new ticket is generated each time

We need to identify string’s or patterns and leverage the enterprise mail handler features


C. Request type maintenance

                                                               i.      Field changes

                                                             ii.      New custom fields


D. Add-on configuration/updates/testing


4. Customer portal features and updates

-Ability to auto populate visitor information into request forms via the SAML assertion values (email, department, etc)


5. VictorOps/PagerDuty optimizations

-We are breaking up our webhooks to support individual team endpoints in Vops/PagerDuty.


6. Enable sticky sessions / testing to deliver this to production

-Currently limited to a single VM at this time and we want multi VM/zone support.