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Location:             Nashville ,TN

Duration:            12+ Months

MOI:                    Phone/Skype



Job Description:

Our client has asked for our assistance in finding an Engineer to migrate their environment from VCS based Cisco Video Conference infrastructure to the current CUCM releases and configuration.  


We are looking for someone familiar with the legacy VCS deployment and the migration/configuration steps to upgrade to CUCM.  The proper resource will be a high level engineer familiar with the legacy and CUCM environments, who also understands video conference codecs configuration and interoperability.


Current Infrastructure Overview:

  • 2 x VCS Control in HA config
  • 1 x VCS Expressway
  • 1 x Codian 4510 MCU (Will operate for a period of time, will be supplemented and then replaced by Cisco Meeting Manager)
  • 2 x TCS (Migrating to Harman Media Suite)
  • 2 x DMM servers (Retiring)
  • 1 x Digital Signage Deployment (Migrating to Appspace)
  • 1 x Show and Share (Migrating to Harman Media Suite)
  • 1 x Media Experience Engine (Retiring)
  • 1 x TMS (running on Virtual Server)
  • 300+ Jabber video users
  • 30+ managed codecs (plus additional that only register to gatekeeper)

Project Goals:

  • Upgrade and migrate to the CUCM based Video conference infrastructure
  • To retire EOL elements
  • To migrate content from legacy storage media to the Harman Media Suite
  • To reconfigure as needed the Harman Media suite to properly interop with the upgraded Cisco infrastructure
  • To migrate from the old video domain to the new one
  • To adapt the infrastructure to a different dialing plan sub-tended from another CUCM providing voice services
  • To reconfigure all recording aliases and bridge dialing aliases to comply with the new dialing/addressing plan
  • To reconfigure existing codecs to register to CUCM where possible
  • Note: all necessary licenses are in place

 This engineer will work with resources from other teams including Networking, Unix Server team, Storage team, end users, etc.


Best Regards,


Sumit Singh

SoftSages Technology
(425) 279-8463, Phone: 484 402 7869 X 124,