• April 22, 2019

Exp: Min 8 Yrs. Exp, Passport number required for H1 or OPT or GC-EAD
Positions: Node.js/JavaScript and RESTful APIs Node.js/JavaScript/React JS JAVA, AngularJS, Node.js/JavaScript Java, Angular, UI/UX, HTML .Net,ASP, Java, Angular, UI/UX, HTML
Job Location: Portland Duration: 12+ Months
Note: Consultant have to be available for 6 hour slot if not available for 6 hours try to convince for 4 hours on Wednesday (24-April) Virtual Drive and Telephonic Interview
Regards, Abhishek Anand | Technical Recruiter Desk: 630-536-8202 Extn 5520 Email: abhishek.anand@q1tech.com<mailto:abhishek.anand@q1tech.com>
[https://media.licdn.com/dms/image/C4E12AQHh9fBjpzFo1A/article-inline_image-shrink_1000_1488/0?e=1540425600&v=beta&t=dzoRsytWCkfFKQSeT9phWq6-IWYLkvjB9TGbhgk8wJA] image6ad889.PNG@b046608b.43ae6b18“/> <www.q1tech.com>

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